Welcome to the St. Thomas International Regatta

bill-canfieldLast year in my Regatta Director’s letter I had a great time reminiscing about some memorable events and even more memorable sailors that were part of our first 41 years of history at IRR.

What’s next? I have been asked questions that many times in the past 9 months. The answer is very simple, we will be moving forward with our regatta in a positive and strong manner. Our new calling card is the St. Thomas International Regatta (STIR). We have a wonderful group of sponsors and supporters that have the same commitment to the excellence that has been there in the past. St. Thomas Yacht Club will continue to host a great regatta; Cowpet Bay remains one of the best harbors in the world to finish a race.

Our theme remains “We love it here and so will you.”

We will come up with new prizes and new innovations. Our PRO’s, Judges and ability to run quality races remain unchanged. Our bands are all back and in great form. The Heineken is cold and the Capt. & coke are spicy. The stage is on the water set for the awards ceremony. Lyn is at registration and Franny behind the Committee desk. What’s next? It all sounds very familiar to. More of the same but bigger and better. Help us make the next 40 years as memorable as the first 40.

Good sailing at the 2nd St. Thomas International Regatta.

Bill Canfield
Regatta Director
(some things never change)